Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Duff Admits She's Jealous of Underwood

No, no ... nothing to start a "cat-fight" over and Hilary wasn't being snotty or caddy.  Quite honestly (even thought she may have been making a joke out of it), I can understand her thoughts on this (I mean she's a newlywed for goodness sakes!)!!

For those of you who aren't aware, Carrie's hubby Mike Fisher was recently traded from Ottawa to the Nashville Predators which is MUCH CLOSER to Underwood's hometown.  Duff recently told reporters that she wishes that her and Mike would stumble upon the same luck (she actually may get her wish since the Pens only signed Comrie for one year which hasn't been too productive suffering with a hip injury he's currently rehabbing from):
"I'm a little envious of her right now because he just got traded to Nashville," Duff joked to reporters about Underwood's hubby Mike Fisher. "Like, 'Really?' I'm like, 'Come on! I'll take San Jose, I'll take any place closer than Pittsburgh!"

Duff added with a laugh, "I do love Pittsburgh [though] and the team is really good."

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Char said...

In all seriousness though, has she done ANYTHING since like... cheaper by the dozen? I think she should just move to pittsburgh