Monday, April 2, 2012

Is It Just ME or Is Tony Granato HOT When He's Steamed?!!

I can stand on the boards too, asshole!!

This is the PERFECT PICTURE of the "eye of the storm" in this argument (and I think Pierre is about to crap his pants although I'm not sure if its because of the fear OR all the testosterone he's witnessing in front of his very eyes!)!!

I was lucky enough to be at this game yesterday and, unfortunately, the last five minutes were the highlight of the entire game (for me, anyway).  Quite honestly, this crappy loss wasn't even the highlight of my crappy day, but that's an entirely different story (let's just say I didn't get home from this game, which ended around 3:30, until about 9:30!)!! : (

ANYWAY, I quickly found out that I wasn't alone in my feeling that Penguins assistant coach, Tony Granato, is HOT when he's mad!  I get a text in the heat of this group argument, I look and it's from one of my good Pens buddies (who shall remain anonymous, but you know who you are - wink, wink!):
"OMG Tony is HOT when he's angry!"
Why, YES HE IS!!!  And I about pee my pants laughing about it knowing darn well I was JUST thinking the same thing which I text back to her.

Tony is hot to begin with and I hear he was actually pretty hot-headed on the ice in his younger days as well (although my husband insists that Pierre was reporting Granato was calm and just trying to keep the peace -- um, OK John, whatever - I like my version SO MUCH MORE!!!  Bottom linewomen find testosterone SEXY (although it has to be the right amount - just like everything in life - too much can be a bad thing in many ways!)!!

So now I'm just wondering who else had that reaction to Granato standing up to Laviollette??  Feel free to express yourself to me or in the comments, ladies!!!


AussieGal said...

Def. hot! things got pretty nasty in that game, and that crosscheck to Sid's back was gutless IMHO.

I can't wait for their next game, should be interesting (and steamy!)

stoneyblue said...

there's just something about him....starts with those eyes when he gets mad (saw it in the Isles game that wasn't)

mtfree said...

He can definitely fight for me any time he wants to. wink wink

lizagirl84 said...

OMG I was thinking the same thing when I saw it myself. I was like damnable that's HOT go Tony G!! I knew my ladies would prove me right!!

Stephanie said...

I knew you ladies would not disappoint me!!! That's why enjoy writing this blog so much - we all agree ;)

@AussieGal - that hit was definitely gutless (notice the difference in responses between the two teams when the media questioned them = classy (Pens) and classless (Cryers)

@stoneyblue - I know, part of it is his eyes (makes me want to search for something from his earlier playing days!) LOL

@mtfree - AGREED!!!

@lizagirl84 - this is originally why I created this blog; so all ladies know that we feel the same (and NOT to be ashamed of it!)!!

THANKS for the comments, ladies, keep 'em comin!!! ;)

TheNWChica said...

Oh I was ready for Tony to jump over Pee-air and kick Lavi's ass. Tony WAS a bad ass and kind of a dick in his playing days w/over 1000 PIM, which is why this was so great.