Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Bells for Jordan Staal THIS FRIDAY!!

This little bit of information was just enough to wake me from my HftL hibernation, ladies!!!

It has, in fact, been confirmed today that Jordan Staal is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Heather (as the question was posed here a few months back) and the wedding will take place this coming Friday!!

For those of you who don't like to read (like MYSELF!), you may have missed this gold nugget of information tucked deeply away in Dave Molinari's post today at the PPG, "Shero: I’m not trading Staal:" 
The field of teams asking about Staal, who is getting married on Friday, has been steady.
THANKS to my good buddy and loyal HftL follower, Laura H for the awesome discovery!! 

That's only three more days of single life for Jordy, ladies!!!

I'll post more information when and as it's received (so if you have any, be sure to share with all of us!)!!


Char said...

I'm just gonna, you know, go into a corner with a pint of ice cream and cry now....

I just got used to entertaining the thought he was engaged!

OK, but in all seriousness, I wish him and Heather every happiness in the world.

Diane said...

Before this evening, Staal was single and a Penguin. Now, he's married and a 'Cane

Char said...

-cries at the trade and digs out more ice cream-

EleaStories said...

-hugs Char and hands her the Rocky Road...