Monday, January 14, 2013

HftL 2013 Fantasy Hockey League: Calling All Prior Team Managers!!

HOCKEY IS BACK, ladies!!!  And so is the HftL Fantasy Hockey League (FHL)!!

There was such a great response to the league last year (we had THREE LEAGUES!) and there have been a few of you who have contacted me about starting it back up that of course I decided it will be a yearly thing.

Unfortunately, I am looking to just keep the same individuals who played last year to keep the leagues at three (with 10 teams in each) and unless there is at least 10 more new people interested in joining to make another league, I'm not going to be accepting any new -- although I do have two openings in one of the leagues and could possibly at TWO MORE people.

This post serves as a "call-out" to those who played with the HftL league last year. I believe I sent messages directly through Yahoo! only to HftL FHL giving you the option to re-sign; however, I was unable to do the same for the other two leagues (HftL FHL2 and HftL FHL3) and Yahoo! hides the emails addresses of the managers.

Why do I always seem to have issues with this fantasy league every year?!!  LOL

SO ... if any of you are interested in re-signing your team into the leagues, please send an email directly to (please include the name of your team), and I'll send you an invite. In case any of you need a reminder, I haven't heard back from or wasn't able to send an invite to the following teams (SO PLEASE CONTACT ME!):

  • ChickacheeSuperstars
  • Sharp Attack
  • Don't Toews Me Bro
  • Bomb d'Addie
  • Polar Dragons
  • Scotlands Thistle
  • Saxons
  • The Pacificats
  • Puckin' Penguins
  • Sask. Roughriders
  • Puckin' Sin Bin
  • O'Puck It
  • Ice Hawks
  • SFPenguins
  • You Me & Dupuis
  • Rio's Flyers
  • Our Staal is Better
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Scared Hitless
  • Team Mario
  • StaalFalls
  • Believe in Repeats
  • RuffNasty
If any of you have questions or concerns, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!!

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