Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carrie and Mike Fisher's Bora Bora Honeymoon [WITH PIC!]!!

[photo courtesy of flynetonline.com]

OK ... although the two newlyweds are featured in this pic, I can't even look past Mike's upper body ... O-M-G ... little Miss Carrie really snagged herself an amazingly sizzling hockey player!!!!!  Lucky YOU Mrs. Fisher!!    ; P

And can someone PLEASE explain to me WHY they're even outside of their hotel room (it's like their second day there!!)???  I'm seriously not sure how much else I'd get done in a day with having a husband with a body like his around to ogle and cuddle up next to and ...

I could go on and on, but I think all of you catch my drift!!!  However, I feel the need to send a little message to my sister-in-wedded bliss so that she doesn't continue to waste her time with the beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, golden-warm sun, and silky smooth sandy beaches ...
Carrie, sweetie, PLEASE enjoy that hunk of a man you just married before its too late ... hockey season is just around the corner and WHO KNOWS how much time you'll get to snuggle up next to that firm, hard body of his ... [hold on, I have to take a minute to fan myself off here] ... and doesn't your tour start back up at the end of this month?  Are you INSANE, woman?!!!  Go take care of business!!!
Now I've said my peace and feel that I can continue on with my day (I've done my part to help a sister in need!)!!! Ladies, feel free to add your own thoughts (post a comment!)!! ; )


Jill said...

Oh BABY!! That's a hot pic...Mikey, Mikey, Mikey...if only we'd had the chance to meet before you ran into Carrie...I know we could've been good together!! LOL

Julie said...

She was probably "taking care of business" long before he slipped an engagement ring on her finger. Just saying....;P

Stephanie said...

@Jill ... its definitely a hot pic (I couldn't believe it when I found it) ... it knocked my socks off!)!!

@Julie ... you maybe right, but something tells me she was a good southern girl (I read articles where she was totally against moving in with him before marriage which makes me think she felt the same about sleeping with him) ... you never know though!!

; P

THANKS for the comments, ladies, keep them coming!!!