Thursday, July 15, 2010

HftL Coverage of Hockey's Future at the 2010 NHL Draft

THANKS to HftL reader, Meg, we are lucky enough to get some "inside scoop" on the recent NHL draft (not to mention some REALLY GREAT PICS!) which she attended (SO awesome!)!!!  Here's her rundown of the day and the prospects that were a part of it (as you'll read, Meg did an AMAZING job with this post and I may even have to consider recruiting her for reports on more of the WC hotties, to supplement the awesome stuff Kena already provides OF COURSE!!) ...
Los Angeles is full of good-looking men all year round, but the hotness quotient went WAY up this weekend when the 2010 NHL Entry Draft rolled into town. Staples Center was chock full of future NHL stars, and lucky girl that I am, I got a front row seat for some of the fun. During Round 1 on Friday, I had trouble keeping my head screwed on! Every direction I turned, there was another GREAT LOOKING GUY! But I was so busy walking around with my mouth hanging open that I couldn't pull out my camera fast enough.

I managed to fix that on Day 2, when I snagged a spot at the NHL Tweet-up right in the exit path of every player leaving the building! The only tough part was choosing which player to photo, since I had at least 2 people tugging on each arm and pointing someone else out to me. But here's a sampling of what the future holds for our favorite sport.

First up, LA Kings 2nd round pick Tyler Toffoli. Cute, but only average on the overall hotness scale of the day. But he's got time to develop a little more....
Then I got lucky and spotted the Montreal Canadiens first round pick Jarred Tinordi. Good lord, that's A LOT of hockey player! At 6' 6" and 205 lbs, his a little on the bean pole side of things, but he's got a great smile working for him. Give that frame a chance to fill out a little, and hang on ladies!
Our next prospect is the Minnesota Wild's Jason Zucker, from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'll gamble that he upped the Wild's hotness quotient at least a few degrees!

Hello New Jersey Devils! I have no idea who any of you are... but you can come play for me in LA anytime....

He's a little shy, but Calvin Pickard, a new goalie prospect with the Colorado Avalanche, is a sweetheart. Just work with me and smile next time, would ya, kid?

I finally found a Euro in the bunch! This is Martin Marincin, drafted 45th overall. He's a 6’4”, 187 pound product of Kosice, Slovakia and sure to make the female Oilers fans just a little happier. OK, he's no Sheldon Souray, but give the kid time... I think we've got some great raw material to work with here.

This guy caught my eye right away, and I'm lucky because he's looking right back at me. Someone loves the camera, and rightly so! Another Habs hottie, I'm pretty sure this is defenceman Morgan Ellis. I almost dropped my camera when I caught him giving me the eye, so my notes could be wrong. Either way...HOT!
Although Mr. Tampa Bay Lightning here was my favorite hottie of the day. Leave it to Stevie Y. to make his team even better looking! Someone get me name...and a number if you can!
The future of hockey looks good, indeed


lizagirl84 said...

your answer to whose that hottie in t bay is Geoffrey Schemitsch check to see if im right on tbay web site

Stephanie said...

@lizagirl84 ... THANKS for the research, little missy!! I'm sure that'll make Meg quite happy ; )