Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crosby Pictures of the Week

First off, let's give a little "background information" about these pictures.  Yesterday, Sidney Crosby along with a few other Pittsburgh players (Paul Martin, Jordan Staal, and Max Talbot were the only others I saw pictures of) were in Cannes, France aboard the Jetèe Albert Edouard yacht to attend the film screening and after-party for "Trophy Wife."

Now ... is it me or have the Penguin players (especially Sid) hit Hollywood status??!!! I understand that this is off-season and that they should be able to do what they want in their off-time / personal lives; however, it's not sitting well with me.  Am I the only one with this response?

I mean, it's getting a little "trashy" even.  Why do hockey players need to attend Cannes Film Festival and / or openings of films?  I don't get the connection here.  The Kentucky Derby was a little bit of a stretch, but the Mint Jubilee benefited cancer research, so I could understand that.  A film screening IN Cannes ON A YACHT?!!  Why - what purpose does it serve the hockey / NHL community?!!  To me, it's just getting a bit ridiculous especially since none of us (including Crosby) know whether or not he'll be cleared to play ever again.

LET'S PLAY HOCKEY, BOYS ... not schmooz it up with all the stars in Hollywood!!

Oh well ... today's post are "pics of the week" and not a soap box, so ENJOY (but feel free to post your opinion if you feel the need especially since I felt the need to get things off my chest - I welcome feedback!)!!!

TOP: Paul Martin, Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Sopranos), Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal
LEFT:  Michael Saylor (entrepreneur), Sidney Crosby, Voula Duval (film's director), Paul Martin
RIGHT: Voula Duval (film's director), Paul Martin, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal


EleaStories said...

I had the same reaction you did when I saw the pictures from Cannes, but then when I thought about it, they didn't bother me so much.
Usually when Sid appears at a non-hockey related event it's to support a charity or a friend who's involved in it.
I heard, before I saw the pictures from Kentucky, that he was going to be attending to support his childhood friend Mike Chiasson. Not sure what Mike's connection to the Mint Jubilee Ball is, but he did appear in the pictures with Sid.
Since Sid seems to try to avoid the 'celebu-life' as much as possible, I'm betting there's a connection between someone in the movie 'Trophy Wife' and the Pens organization, and the players were there to support him/her.
As for getting back to playing hockey, there's probably no one on the planet who'd rather do that than Sid. And it can't ever be far from his thoughts how long it's been since he played or when he'll play again. He's not even cleared for workouts, last I heard, and he's probably bored out of his skull.
I think we should just assume he wanted to get away from thoughts like 'I might never play again' and let him enjoy his vacation without reading too much into it.

Susan said...

I was surprised and disappointed that NBC did not show any photos of Sid during their coverage of the Kentucky Derby, considering what a large contract they signed with the NHL, for TV coverage. You would think that they would want to promote a superstar of the game. They did show photos of a NFL player at the Mint Jubilee Ball.
I also agree with EleaStories; let Sid and the others enjoy their vacation.

AussieGal said...

Is it just me or is Sid looking a little pudgy these days?

Anyways I had a mixed reaction to those pics. By all means have some fun but don't whine about your privacy being invaded when a pic you don't like pops up like a rash all over the media. I have always found it annoying when celebs go ballistic over that sort of thing yet court the media when it suits them.

As Sid is usually so high profile maybe he feels the need to be more visible since he's not been able to play? could be feeling a bit insecure? just my 2 cents worth.

Mafalda Hopkirk said...

I agree with you but then again, I live close to France and didn't know!!! This is a nightmare. ;)

msd said...

We have to remember that Sid is not owned by the NHL, the Penguins or the fans. He, like the rest of the NHL players, has the right to spend his free time anyway he wants.

Sid has always worked hard to be at his best physically. I doubt that has changed. He has represented the Penguins and the NHL with grace and honor at an age when most boys are attending frat parties. He has professional responsibities that I can not fathom.

These aren't pictures of him in a compromising position. Honestly, I hope these aren't related to a charity event or a tie in to the NHL. I hope it's just some teammates partying on a yacht, who happened to be caught in PR poses, nicely dressed and no alchol in sight. But I don't think so. If Sid "wanted" to hangout with Hollywood stars, you wouldn't need to identify them in the pictures. We would all know them.

He's a good looking, 23 year old, millionaire I hope to God he's having fun somewhere. He's more than earned it.