Friday, May 13, 2011

HftL's 2011 Hockey Cup of Hotness

It's that time of year again!!  This poll went over so well last year that OF COURSE I decided to bring it back again this year (and keep it running for as many years as HftL's is in existence!)!  So this will be the 2nd annual Hockey Cup of Hotness (if you're new to HftL or you need to jog your memory, CLICK HERE and HERE for more info!)!!

HftL wants to know which of the four teams left in the playoffs (Canucks, Sharks, Lightning, Bruins) should win HftL's "Hockey Cup of Hotness" this year?  Which of those four teams is deserving of a title for having the best looking / hottest players??  Last year's WINNER was the Chicago Blackhawks who also happened to win the Stanley Cup. 

TELL HftL ... poll opens today and will end when the last team standing raises that glorious silver trophy!!!  And please keep in mind, ladies, that this has NOTHING to do with who you think will win the Stanley Cup and has EVERYTHING to do with which team you think is the hottest / best looking!!! ; )  If you feel like elaborating on your choice, you can do so in the "comments" section, but the poll will stay in the column along the left side of the blog!!

VOTE AS MUCH / AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE (but make it count and don't try to fix things ... be fair!)!!

So start voting for the hottest team, ladies!!!  HftL IS COUNTING ON YOU!!! : )


Teri Springer said...

Vancouver? Seriously? Other than Kesler.....yuck. Now, Tampa....Ryan "Bugsy" Malone, Adam Hall, Dwayne Roloson, and that hotty of all hotties....Marty St. Louis!! Boston, sadly, has no one. San Jose has a couple (Marleau has the most beautiful eyes)....but really. Tampa wins this one hands down!

Anonymous said...

Vancouver? They have Burrows, and that's it. You can make an argument for Ehrhoff or Kesler, but seriously. It's gotta be SJ or Tampa.

Stephanie said...

Well, the outcome of the poll shows otherwise and if you didn't have your voice heard by voting then I don't have any other suggestions (other than making sure you vote next year!)!!

I also have to say that Bieksa is also "easy on the eyes" and can be considered another reason Vancouver is in the running, so along with Kesler, Burrows ...

The teams are chosen by the last four teams in the playoffs chasing the Cup and no other way, so it's "random" in that way.

And don't they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder?!" I honestly believe that we find GOOD players attractive ; )