Friday, February 17, 2012

"Curls for the Girls" - James Neal Stars Interview

This video ... OMG ... I could just scoop him up with a spoon (nom-nom-nom) ... I'm sorry - he's just too adorable and this video makes me want to give him hugs and kisses!!

And I'm pretty certain he likes brunettes, ladies (Why? because have you seen him act this animated in any interviews you've seen him in here in Pittsburgh?!!!  NO!!)!!!

HIGHLIGHTS (to watch for in this video)
  • check Nealy out 'trolling' behind them looking all cool drinking water before they interview him
  • "CURLS FOR THE GIRLS" (I believe my hockey buddy, Sarah, once told me that he learned this from Brad Richards - it looks like it's paying off for him!)
  • "losing sucks" (even thought thats not MY favorite quote and "curls for the girls" IS, it is pretty funny!)
  • clearly, she doesn't get it -- "more for the girls too" -- lady, he said CURLS, CURLS for the girls (however, she has a point, I'd definitely want MORE too - lol!)!
  • Pittsburgh coming in ... "Mr. Crosby"
  • "I think you need a timeout after that"
  • "I could be so inappropriate right now, but I'm not" (OK - maybe she does get it!)
ENJOY, ladies!!!


TheNWChica said...

I love Jimmy. That text was a great way to wake up yesterday morning.

She's so dumb. Curls for the girls is a million times better than Losing sucks.

BTW, I would love it if he could start Nealer-bombing like Kes does.

Stephanie said...

I love that you call him "Jimmy" (it kinda 'fits' him, doesn't it?) ... and I agree with "curls for the girls" (he's so DAMN ADORABLE!)!! :)