Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)

This one really tests my ability to analytical and impartial for two reasons:

  1. I don't like the Avalanche
  2. I don't find the guy but moderately attractive (just hang with me and you'll see why I decided to offer him up as an example of WC Hotness).
I have been informed on several boards that I am clueless when it comes to the EXTREME hotness of Joe Sakic. I've never sampled any of my female friends (they wouldn't comment on a hockey player anyway), but I have seen him mentioned innumerable times and in various locations on the internet as hot. Soooo, in the interest of being fair to all of you out there and giving you fair and unbiased representation of the "hot guys in the west," I invite your comments. Sell me on the idea that Joe Sakic is REALLY HOT!

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: He is the undisputed leader of the Colorado Avalanche. Having been their Captain during every season of their existence. He's a scoring machine and has been one of the most productive forwards in the game, having scored 50 goals in a season on two separate occasions and earning at least 100 points in a season, six different seasons. He's appeared in 13 All-Star Games, so if you're one of those folks who judges how hot a guy is by how good of a player he is (I have to admit it's a goodly portion of the equation for me in most cases), then Sakic is for you. [that's Peter Forsberg with Sakic in the picture to the left]

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: He's 5' 11" 195 lbs. [this is where you have to help me a little. I'm obviously missing something really important here] with dark, wavy hair and dark eyes. I don't know that much about his personality, except for the fact that pretty much EVERYONE who plays for the Avs (and most of their fans) would follow him unconditionally through the bowels of hell while whole-heartedly believing that they're going to get a Stanley Cup down there no matter how bad the team is STINKING. And that has to count for something, doesn't it?!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I must apologize. I forgot to mention that the other guy in the one picture is Peter Forsberg. (and he’s another WC guy you might want to ogle er. pay a bit of attention to.

Anonymous said...

Ok So I know I am EXTREMLEY late with this comment but I just found this blog yesterday and I am going through this whole site and reading every one!

Ok so first of yes I am from Colorado and yes you are correct, we would follow Sakic to the ends of the earth (I mean really I balled my eyes and heart out during his retirement ceremony and I named my dog after him)

So as far as personality goes I'll fill you in, he is a total sweetheart. I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice and he has the amazing ablity of making you feel special and like he is paying attention to only you (He remembered me the second time he saw me and I just about died of happiness I'm sure he has met thousands of fans!). He is one of the most sweetest and modest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Now I will say right now that I'm not EXTREMELY attracted to him as far as looks go. I see why people like him but I have eyes for...much...closer to my age guys (lets go with that!)

Once again, I apologize for the lateness but I absolutly couldn't resist talking about Sakic.