Sunday, September 28, 2008

Really Cool Crosby Fanfic Blog

After reading a few comments from my other Pens blog, I came across a few of you who have blogs of your own. One in particular is a really awesome Fanfic blog dedicated to fanfiction featuring Sidney Crosby.

I'm not a reader, ladies, but this is definitely worth a read if you're in need of getting away from your boring, stressful, everyday life and want to fantisize about Sidney (who doesn't?!!)!!! These fan fiction creations will definitely cause little butteflies in your stomach (the GOOD kind)!!

Take a gander - you WON'T be sorry (I wasn't)!! THANKS to Lauren for her great literary works of art (Definitely "HftL-approved")!!

BTW - AWESOME photoshops, Lauren!!

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Lauren said...

I get daily Google Alerts for "Pittsburgh Penguins" and "Sidney Crosby" and imagine my surprise when I got a blog alert linking me to your blog post blog! Thanks for the kind words - I'm having a lot of fun writing the story and I'm glad other people seem to be enjoying it too!

And as for the pictures, I did those in Picnik, one of my latest - it's totally free (unless you choose to upgrade) and it has a lot of cool features!

Anyways, thanks for the rave review! I had admittedly never seen your blog before today, but I've been looking through your posts and LOVE it! :)