Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Peter Forsberg (Colorado Avalanche - if he comes back from retirement, again)

Even if you don't like redheads, or the Colorado Avalanche (which I do not) or the Philadelphia Fliers (he's played for both). You have to like Forsberg. No, not just because he's Swedish. And not just because he's hot. You have to like him because even though he is one of the most injury prone players I can think of. He always comes to play. He has the amazing ability to galvanize his teammates to play above their ability.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Since he was already retired last year, before his inopportune comeback last year. I don't know if he'll be back this year or not. Currently he is not listed on the Aves. Roster, but beings as he's kind of an “odd duck” I for one am not counting him out till the proverbial fat lady sings. As I said above. What I like most about him. Is the fact that he plays like a madman. At least he has every time I've seen him (which I admit, is not often). He's a lifetime statistical leader. The only players in Stanley Cup Playoffs history to average more points-per-game are Wayne Gretzky (1.84), Mario Lemieux (1.61), Mark Messier (1.25), Mike Bossy (1.24), Jari Kurri (1.17) and Gil Perreault (1.14). He is in 16th place on the all-time playoff scoring list with 171 points, one behind Mario Lemieux (172) for 15th place.

If you skimmed over the pictures accompanying this post. GO BACK and look at them again, especially the eyes. He just has the most amazing cold level stare. Other stats are 6'0” 205lbs. Strawberry blondish (at least that's how I classify it) hair, with AMAZING SILVER blue eyes (which are made even more awesome by the fact that he rarely blinks). Intensity, got it. Aggression (in his play at least), yup. All the qualities you could possibly want. Personally I can't get over the eyes. I don't know much about his off-ice personality, but like I said before. He's kind of different.

Although I'm not sure that he'll even play again this year. I wanted to share him with all of you east coast ladies before he was buried in Sweden again. Enjoy.

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