Monday, June 29, 2009

It's HOT in Miami!

So, it appears that Oksana is good for Malkin's PR (positive or negative is yet to be decided)!! Bottom line is that Malkin continues to be in the news and remains the topic of conversation even after the season end which is 3 weeks past!

Pictures have been popping up everywhere online of Malkin and Oksana's vacation in Miami and even thought things are hot in Miami, they seem to be heating things up even more!!

Take a look at one of the sites featuring these photos at "Lainey Gossip" blog (one of which is below -- HOT STUFF!)!!!

THANKS to Libby for the "heads up" sending me a link to a Finnish article that also features these hot photos!!

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Geno's making me sad.
Why geno, why?
Why her, why not me?

Well, there's always Tangers. :)