Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Underwood-Fisher Wedding Postponed

According to Aceshowbiz.com, sources have told OK! Magazine (although I couldn't confirm this on that site) that Carrie Underwood and her hunky hockey stud fiance, Mike Fisher, have been forced to move their wedding date to "the later half of summer" after a disagreement about a few of the final details.  It appears from what I've read that the wedding was set to take place sometime this month on a farm in Tennessee which I believe I reported previously.

Carrie had made it clear from what I've read (and from her appearance on Ellen) that she was hoping to have a small wedding with close family and friends; however, recent reports are that the guest list has grown to 250 which many sources have speculated is what began the disagreement:
... later triggered the debate on the menu at the now reasonably large ceremony. Fisher reportedly wants a five-course meal served to the pairs' guests, while Carrie would rather keep it low key with a Southern BBQ and grilled veggies.
These two are a typical couple whom have normal disagreements like the rest of us and, perhaps, some pre-wedding jitters ... hopefully they'll patch it up soon (and I'm sure they're planning to with talk about a later date!) - they're just TOO CUTE not to be together!! ; P


KO said...

I'm not sure if you saw this, but http://twitter.com/uptownhockey/status/16183221681

I hope it's sooner rather than later....they're really cute together.

lizagirl84 said...

oh gosh they are so cute together and what a lucky girls she is to land such a cutie im sure they will iron out the details and provide us with some great wedding photos real soon