Thursday, April 22, 2010

Underwood Talks Wedding on Ellen

Yesterday, Carrie Underwood made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show and the talk was about her upcoming wedding to Ottawa Senators' Mike Fisher.

Although Ellen asked, Underwood wouldn't disclose the wedding date as she and Fisher have chosen to keep that among them and the guests.  However, reports are that it will be sometime this summer and it will take place in Nashville; other plans include a "girly" and "glamorous" dress, IveyCake Bakery cupcakes, and her dog, Ace (and the couple will reside in Ottawa where construction on a 5,000-square foot is in the planning stages):
The Citizen has learned that a brick-stone house believed to be about 5,000 square feet will be built for the couple in West Carleton, only minutes from Scotiabank Place. The house will sit on a large parcel of land in the vicinity of Spruce Ridge Road and McGee Side Road.


CrackerLilo said...

Hope Fisher's got lots of time for wedding preparations *real* soon!

My mom loves Carrie Underwood, and she had to call during Game 4 and ask me which of the Ottawa Senators was *her* Senator. I pointed out Fisher, and Mom was relieved that she'd picked out a player who seemed decent, not "one of the assholes who've been pushing your guys around all night."

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking alot of the Pens fans feel the same way (I was actually thinking ... when I read about their building a house ... that it won't be too much longer!)!!!

I LOVE your mom (she's got the right attitude although I still LOVE my Ruuts no matter how physical he gets!)!!! Is it wrong that I'm jealous of Ms. Carrie (or any gal, for that matter) for snagging herself a hockey husband?!!! There's just something about hockey players!!!