Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crosby AND Neal Pictures of the Week

Neal will play in the first game of Round 1 tomorrow night against the Bolts!!!  He told the media he'll be back in the lineup:
"I'm good to go and excited for my first playoff game."

I've FINALLY worked out my dilemma devoting equal amounts of time between my TWO hockey men (I'm so excited I came up with it ... not like it was a really difficult solution which I probably should've come up with it sooner!) ... I'm COMBINING THEM in my posts!!  


Neal was back at practice today!!!

I was getting a little worried that I'd have to be concerned with two of my guys out with injuries, but it looks like I still only have to worry about the one (SID!)!!

It's good to hear (see) that Nealy is back on the ice with the rest of the team ... he has to be ready for his first playoff run!!!

AND Sid practiced with the team again today too; in fact, he skated on a line ... the fourth line with Comrie and Godard, but (like my friend said) A LINE NONETHELESS!!!  There he is with Rupper and Talbot (I just LOVE that stance of his ... IDK why I think everything he does is just so manly - I JUST DO, so deal with it!)!! LOL ; P

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Anonymous said...

Could you imagine that stance from the other end, I'll bet his butt is sticking out.