Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crosby Picture of the Week

THIS is absolutely adorable ... even Disco Dan misses Sid (LOOK AT THOSE BIG GRINS!)!!  I love our HC (and SID!)!!

This team makes me smile non-stop (and that's a really GOOD THING!) ... ENJOY, ladies!!! ; )

PS -- Deb, we're thinking alike and it's starting to get a little scary - LOL ; D
I read your message right after posting this
(I'm assuming it's the same pic because it wouldn't show up in the email)!!!


stoneyblue said...

Scary indeed...it is the same picture

vivie_allen said...

Hi, new reader here. Love the pens and i ADORE this blog. Thank you for all your hard work. You are amazing!!!

Stephanie said...

ALWAYS HAPPY to gain new readers, so I'm glad you found the blog ... THANK YOU for the wonderful compliments!! When I have the time I love working on the blog, so having others enjoy it is an awesome bonus!!!