Tuesday, April 5, 2011

STILL My ALL-TIME Favorite Pens "Fan Appreciation" Moment!!

After tonight's game against the New Jersey Devils, the Pens will once again give lucky fans the shirts off their backs!!

According to the Penguins webpage, 29 randomly chosen fans will be invited onto the ice to get the game-worn jersey from a Penguins player which will include both injured and / or those who do not dress for tonight's game (INCLUDING SIDNEY CROSBY!!)!  Just the anticipation of getting to see Sid back on the ice will be prize enough for me since I'm not lucky enough to be attending this game.  I can only imagine the reaction of the arena when he skates onto the ice and is called to give his jersey away (and that LUCKY, LUCKY fan!)!! And to see him with a baseball cap on ... and maybe jeans with his jersey ... mmmmmm ... OK, I'm getting off-track now!! ; )

In honor of tonight's "Fan Appreciation," I'm taking another look back at MY FAVORITE moment ... I originally posted it back in April 2009, but it's STILL - by far - my favorite moment of all time (UNTIL, that is, I'm lucky enough to get a jersey "off a Penguins back!")!!

I wasn't lucky enough to be there that night in 2009, but I was watching it unfold on my TV and it was just the greatest thing ever (I still remember it vividly) ... I mean, I was already anxious to see Sid give his jersey away, but to watch THIS ... it was just the cutest thing ever (and it's still my FAVORITE!)!!!

CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about (and if you can remember it)!!  And please feel free to share your own memorable moments especially if you were lucky enough to claim a prize!

Photo from PPG
Just LOOK at that longer hair ... how I miss that hair ...


stoneyblue said...

ok now that I read your post today all about "Sid" I feel better that your heart really does still belong to him ;-)with Neals being a close second!

Stephanie said...

LOL ; P So I was "scaring" you, huh?!! I AM, however, glad that you added Neal being a close second because ... if the guy was any more perfect (to me), HE'D BE SID!!! ; D

If nothing else, I am TRUE BLUE ... Sid is my "MAIN man," but no one says I can't have TWO of those - LOL (does that even make sense?!)!! Oh well ... I'll just say it's my hormones talking ...

I guess to my defense, I don't make every hot HP I see my FAV and Neal has been my first since Ruuts which has been a while now, so ... YES - I'VE TALKED MYSELF INTO IT ... IT IS OK!! ; P

I'm making myself chuckle non-stop now!! THANKS for that, Deb ... I needed a "pick-me-up!"