Friday, April 3, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Eric Boulton (Atlanta Thrashers)

Eric Boulton currently has 937 PIM in 413 career games with the Buffalo Sabres and now the Atlanta Thrashers. The funny thing about it is that he's 8th in the league among the fighting majors leaders for the number of fights this season with a total of 15. However, Boulton isn't merely a fighter, he's a well-rounded player. This season, he set new career highs in both goals (13) and assists (10).

As with all of his fellow fighters, Boulton does have a softer side. He's married and has three kids (a girl and two boys). He also enjoys fishing and hunting.

The fight video featured below is one of Boulton's better fights and one of the two against Riley Cote of the Philadelphia Flyers this year. They get off to a slow start, but Boulton ends up getting in more punches than Cote and he clearly ends with the advantage.


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Ooo, several things about this post.

I love the pic. "say goodbye to your nose, boy"!!! ouch.

Um, he has RED hair AND he fights. Of course, I'm instantly in love.

Pretty good fight. But I love anytime Cote gets whupped on.

JuneyMoon said...

One time a couple of years ago Ilya Kovalchuk was having trouble in the shootout but was always money on breakaways and he told the press that he needed to have Boulton come out and chase him during his shootout attempts!