Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broadcast of Tonight's Pre-Season Game

The game will be broadcast over the radio on "The X" 105.9.

As I had posted before, the NHL Network plans to broadcast a few pre-season games (Penguins being three of them), but not tonight's game and it doesn't look like anything will be broadcast (at this point) according to the Penguins schedule. If anyone finds a live stream, please be sure to pass along the information - THANKS!!

I'm not aware of any at the present time, but if I find any live streams of the game tonight, I'll be sure to post it here; otherwise, they'll probably broadcast in on "The X" 105.9 (but I'm not certain about that either).

Check back here for any updates through the day!!


mariabprice said...

check this website out, they might have the game up


Jenna Candusso said...

atdhe.net doesn't have the link up, as of now... but they generally get more links as it gets closer to the time.

Anonymous said...

the only pens games on NHL network are the away ones.

and i know the pens-leafs game will be broadcast on LeafsTV online.

Anonymous said...

have you done something over Erics staals wife due to give birth later this month? I didnt know that until today..

Soon, the NHL will be full of Staals.

Stephanie said...

@Kristina H - LOL - the NHL will be FULL of Staals (that would be just fine with Kena!)!! Yes, I did know that "E's" wife is pregnant and is due to deliver sometime this month, but I was waiting for some kind of solid info before I posted it -- haven't been able to find any (except that she IS, in fact, pregnant)!!

THANKS for commenting!! : )

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie - It would be fine with me too if it was full of Staals! :) lol
I've been looking for information too but I guess we'll have to wait!