Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Some women are SO LUCKY!!!

Yesterday, the Penguins players (Crosby and Malkin) began delivering season tickets to a few STH (season ticket holders) and it continues again today.

But for one lucky fan, Sid made a repeat visit due to her prediction. He delivered tickets to Alice Kilgore prior to the 2007-2008.
At that time a local Pittsburgh reporter asked her if she thought the Penguins would win the Stanley Cup.

“Not this year, maybe next year,” she said gently tapping Crosby on the shoulder.

So it was said, and so it came to pass.
In honor of Alice's prediction, Sidney delivered her season tickets once again yesterday, but brought something special along with him this time -- the Stanley Cup!!!


Tillie said...

I can't handle how hilarious this video is.

Sooooo funny.

"Do you like older women?" hahah.

Jay said...

I wonder if when Alice woke up yesterday, if she knew a press conference was going to be held in her living room.

"Can I kiss it? Can I kiss him?" What a gal.

Cat said...

Sidney is a chameleon. One day he looks like a mature young man and the next we see him looking so very young again. It's so awesome! He just looks so cute and happy in this video. I'm totally jealous of Alice. She has Sidney in her home not once, but twice! AND she gets to kiss him! Why can't my luck be that good?