Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Price Following Suit

Just as Mike Green did before him, Carey Price will be jumping onto the "interactive" blog bandwagon. Although a new webpage has popped up claiming to enable fans to interact with Price (, it seems as though there is only ONE official webpage where Carey plans to blog during this upcoming season. He has yet to have a "verified" twitter account.


Cat said...

I do not in anyway approve of it, but if Carey does go the "interactive" blog route he'd better expect a lot of bashing on his site. And many of the IP addresses will trace back to New England - Boston in particular.

tangerlove58 said...

Seriously this is FREAKING exciting, this guy is the love of my life, seriously. and i would NEVER bash...i loves him...but i do agree he better be ready for some somewhat...rude comments.