Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ME and Lord Stanley!!!

Yep, that's right!!! I FINALLY got to meet Lord Stanley up-close and personally (after missing it at the beginning of the summer when Dana Heinze brought it home!)!! I'm still buzzing from the excitement actually!!

Sunday was Penguins trainer Chris Stewart's day with the Stanley Cup and he brought it home to Johnstown, PA for a few hours at his father-in-law's house. It wasn't something that a lot of people knew about and we were lucky enough to find out because his father-in-law's house is next to Joey Dell's who John's aunt works for which is how we found out!!

It was from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM and we were there early enough to get to see him arrive in a limo. It was a day I will NEVER forget!!!

I can now say that I touched something that has been to Nova Scotia celebrating Sid's 22nd birthday, Magnitogorsk with the Malkin's, various parts of Canada (THANKS to Chris Stewart and Aunt Margie!!)!!!

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Jay said...

What an amazing experience! Sounds like you had a blast!