Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check This Out -- City of Champions Cereal!!

Max Talbot - HILARIOUS as ever and Hines - always smiling!! THANKS to my buddy (and fellow Pens NUT) Lianna for the find!!! From PLBSports.com - "Your Premiere Source for Athlete-Endorsed Quality Food Products" (on YouTube).

"City of Champions Cereal ... VERY FILLING ... TASTES GREAT!!! "

Also check out "Behind the Scenes" and "Commercial Outtakes" (links provided)!! FUNNY STUFF!!


Ashlen said...

Ahah thats freaking awesome, too bad I don't live in Pittsburgh :/

aBurghGirl said...

YAY!!!! Thanks Stephanie. I love that you're always keeping us up to date on all things "Pens".

Val said...

I love that commercial, thanks for posting it.

Whitters said...

One of the many reasons I love Max haha He's too funny!

Karissa said...

Haha let me tell you... that commercial was as hilarious to shoot as it looks. XD (I was there... I'm in it haha!)

Stumbled across your blog as I was digging trying to find the stupid (okay, it's not stupid but I was frustrated) versus commercial with Malkin speaking. Looks like a job well done! Keep it up.