Monday, December 14, 2009

PenPics of the Week: "Jay Has the McKee to My Heart!"

Today's Penguins picture of the week is a little different. I got an email yesterday from HftL reader Lexie H. who sent me a little story and some pictures from last Saturday's game against the Florida Panthers which I thought were just really AWESOME and so I thought I'd share them with you!!

THANKS for sharing, Lexie!!

Okay so my mom and i were at the Marriott Saturday just sitting around and soon found out that is where the panthers were staying! We were talking to the goalie coach for a while and my mom says "well we would wish you luck but.." and the coach is was like "oh c'mon you guys can afford to lose ONE game!" haha! and then we sit there for a little longer and one of the players who we soon found out was Bryan Allen starts coming down the stairs and he was singing in a really high pitched voice and he saw us and instantly stops singing! it was too funny! Then one of the guys i really like on their team Dmitry Kulikov comes down and i got my picture with him! he was too sweet! and quite the looker! ; )

Then I also made a sign for Jay McKee that was "Jay holds the McKee to my heart" and all of the boys LOVED it! Fleury was the first one to react he grinned from ear to ear! Then max decided he liked it too, smiled and then later came back when i was not looking and slamed into the glass where i was nearly knocking me flat on my butt, thats when i realized how close to the glass i had been because it REALLY hurt! Then there was Dupuis, he was not to happy with my sign i dont know why maybe he needs some more loving and that is why he has been scoring all these goals! haha! Brooks thought my sign was HALARIOUS and literally threw back his head laughing(because he knows i really love him!)and Jordan was just so distracted by my sign that he got hit in the head with a puck but stilled laughed and then went after max!

I am on the pens website with my sign too!


tangerlove58 said...

LEXIE! hahah

she's frikkin awesome
saww all that on facebook :D

aBurghGirl said...

YAY!!!!! That's awesome and thank you SO much for the pics!!!!

I was at Saturdays game too and got some good pictures, but not quite as good as Lexie!

Cat said...

That's an awesome story Lexie! How wonderful that so many on the team found the sign so funny. I'll bet they gave him the works in the locker room.
THanks for sharing!

Labellefleur said...

I was there too at one point McKee I believe in the 2nd period flashed leg again I love it! lol

I will also be at tomorrows game...I'm thinking about making a sign "Philly Criers hope you brought your pacifiers" what do you guys think? it ought to be a good game!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Clever sign! :-) I like to see all the guys get some love. Did McKee see it, that you know of? I hope so, and if not, like @Cat said, one of the guys probably mentioned it.

EHisCDN said...

Great sign! It's so cool that you made it to the website.

The guys have such a good sense of humour on this team! It's pretty neat to see that they actually read and appreciate the signs people make for them. =)

Rebelheart87 said...

Hey ,she forgot to mention who came up with the awesome sign* LOL

I was so pumped that all the guys liked it! Hoping my new idea will work tomorrow night!

If it does, maybe I'll send in a lil story line as well* OR maybe I'll just send Steph and email with something from before... I'm rambling...LOL

Loved the pics!

abby :) said...

omg thats so awesome! i remeber seeing the picture of the sign on the offical site and thinking "HAHA omg thats hilarious!" yayy go pens

Amy said...

that's awesome :p i was at that game! a good game indeed.