Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Western Conference Hotness: Another "Beef Cake," I mean, Players Calendar!

THANKS goes to Kristina H. who brought another charity calendar to our attention. This one is courtesy of the FINE men making up the Dallas Stars!!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for her), Kena was dumbstruck by the mere sight of it and could not gather coherent thoughts in enough time to complete a WC Hottie for today, so this will have to do!!

As you are all well aware (I'm pretty sure), Kena's favorite team is the Dallas Stars and her EXTREME CRUSH is on captain Brenden Morrow (he's her #1 above ALL HP's)!! I, too, have a fondness for a certain Star by the name of Mike Modano because he's an "oldie, but goodie" and has always been an interest of mine since way back when I started my fandom of hockey.

As Kena would say, "there's just something about a man in a suit!" However, I think it really depends on the man AND the suit!! The classic look of a clean suit and tie is still my favorite. Quite honestly, they're all looking pretty sexy (even Turco whom I find eerily creepy most times).

And my "Mo," he can quite literally take on the position of Stars owner any day now looking the part as he does in this calendar -- just like a certain Mario Lemiuex perhaps!! Look at that cute little dimple of his (does Willa know what a lucky woman she is?!)!!!

I think I'll refrain from commenting on Morrow as I would really rather avoid having my eyes plucked out by little Ms. Kena!!! I need them to look at all these fine specimens without which would make my labor here even more strenuous than it already is!! ; P Although I must mention my curiousity about their choice to continually use him in a very casual pose looking away from the camera -- perhaps it has something to do with the fact that if he did look into the camera, Kena would cease to exist and NONE OF US would want that especially ME!!!

I think I'll wrap this up by adding a MEEEE-OW (and that if you want more information on the calendar and how to order, VISIT THE STARS WEBPAGE)!! Proceeds benefit the Dallas Stars Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up guys! :) I just thought that the world needed to see these gorgeous men.
I'm think Mr. October, November, December, and Mr. June are all looking very fine!

aBurghGirl said...

Not going to lie, I'm a Pens Fan through and through, but those pictures were wonderful to look at.
Thanks :-)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

You are quite correct in that were Morrow to look directly into the camera, there would be instant vaporization of every single drop of estrogen in my body.

I'm not sure it wouldn't be worth it.

Sunshine36616 said...

Ummmm, Mr. January!

Kristina said...

*fans self*

It'd be January every month for me.


Val said...

How 'bout them Stars? Seriously handsome men, especially Mr. November!

Sarah said...

Have Mr. October bathed and brought to me. Please kthxbye.

Amy said...

oh yeah, this is hot.

Jessica said...

Mike Ribero looks feminine.