Friday, December 18, 2009

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!

I was born in 1994, so a couple years after Mario. My mom and dad we're pretty big Mario fans, but after that they ultimately switched to the Blackhawks. Chelios it was. I can remember the first time I saw "Waynes World" was because
they had the Blackhawks symbol nearly everywhere. But I'm from St.Louis! Since almost the day I was born, we would sit there and watch Blue's games, and go go Blue's games.

At the time we lived in a smaller part of the $tL. My half brother, Ryan, had played ice hockey since the age of THREE! He switched back and forth from roller and ice, I can only vaguely remember the roller. Hockey was my life, and I was only a few years old. Days that he didn't have a game, or practice? Blues. I can remember getting really into it, and I fell in love with the game.

Your going to laugh at this one. I used to lay in bed with my family, and we would watch the game. Almost every time my dad would ask me "Who are you going to marry?" and I would say "BRETT HULL!" and I was about three.

My big brother was my bestfriend (And still is ;]) but he was also my half brother. We ended up moving to a much nicer part of Missouri (Probably even closer to the Savvis center) and he went to his moms house. I still went to his games.

When I was about nine, he was 13. He started travel hockey. I would get out of school countless times for a trip across the country. While my sister complained about nothing but hockey, I thought it was the best part of the trips!

When he started high school, things changed. He moved to his mom's and visited much less. I saw him almost never. We never watched the Blues on tv, they we're one of the worst teams in the league. I got caught up in a lot of other things when I was 14. I'm a girl, (Obviouslyyyy.) so I started to go shopping, hanging out with friends, facebooking, texting, you know, parties, makeup & doing my hair, school. The usual. To the people who say I'm not a real fan are FULL. OF. IT. This year, yes, 2009 I had come across Sidney Crosby. Let me tell you, I was blown away. And it was Valentines day(: I turned on a Penguins game and was sucked back in immediately.

Every single day since that day, I have done everything that I could do to prove I am Sid's biggest fan (Besides anything along the lines of stalking, I'm not a creeper.) There is thousands of pictures, videos, newspapers, and just about everything else. The media is obsessed with him!

Everything started to come back to me, how much I loved and missed the game of hockey. I would go home from school every single night and watched them beat almost every team. I let their loss's take a toll on me, that just the way I am.

My guy friends didn't even want to talk about it as much as I did. I'm no puck bunny (Unless it comes to Crosby.) I know much more than anyone does about the game. I know stats, I know numbers, and I KNOW that Sidney Crosby is the bigger package than Ovechkin! My entire life this year was about the playoffs!!!! I even got my whole family back into loving hockey. I find it amazing that the year I picked him, Sidney & the Pens got their OWN first stanley cup<3 - Ashlen
Yet again, another great story about the making of a [female] hockey fan -- THANK YOU for sharing, Ashlen!!

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