Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week

It turns out that Sid is into ALL kinds of sports, not just hockey ... baseball (was a catcher), golf, football (played a little in HS), tennis (he attended the US Open with Mario last year) - I would think its safe to say that he LOVES sports!!!  So its easy to understand how our wonderful captain has such sporty friends like Roger Federer WHO JUST SO HAPPENS to celebrate his birthday the day after Sid's (Federer turned 29).

This year's plan was to play a little one-on-one with Federer, but the weather didn't cooperate and they ended up sharing some birthday cake together instead!!

VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW (and read more HERE!)!! 


EHisCDN said...

Sid is in Toronto! OK now I'm definitely heading down to York to check out this tourney!

Josie said...

I almost cried when I found out Sidney was in Toronto. I think my heart skipped a beat :P

Stephanie said...

So did any of you go to catch a glimpse (stories / pics, please!)!!

; P

THANKS for posting comments ... keep them coming!!! : )

stoneyblue said...

knowing you Stephanie from your weekly Sid update, you have played that clip over and over just to focus in on those white shorts and legs

LeafsFan87 said...

@EHisCDN I just missed the chance to go! I'm trying to get tickets, but I don't know if he's still around. He was in town for "unrelated work", but some Tennis Canada people arranged the meeting. He met with Nadal too.

@Stephanie Even if he is still in Toronto, it's really really unlikely any of us will be lucky enough to see him. He doesn't go out anywhere in Canada because everyone knows who he is!