Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PICS: Talbot, Letang, and Fleury in FINE Summer Shape!!!

THANKS to my buddy JT from the amazing blog,, for these INCREDIBLE pics of some of my Pens boys - Talbot, Tangers, and Fleury!!!

JT had the opportunity to be at a recent street hockey tournament that Max organized last weekend with Tangers and Fleury in attendance ... THANKS again, JT, for sending the link along and sharing these pics!!

The pics really are amazing, so ENJOY, LADIES!!! ; D

Fleury can "play" hockey and not just perform magic in front of the net ... I would like to point out (not that I really have to - most of you are quite observant) the AMAZING calf muscles - WOAH, NICE, huh?!!!!

Sorry "Future Mrs. Letang" ladies, it looks like Tangers has collected more arm candy (but it appears that she's more interested in the person on the other end of that cell phone - WTF?!)!

GOOD LORD, ladies, Tangers and [Talbot] tongue ... I don't think I can take much more!!! ; D

A little note of courtesy ... if you save these pics and are planning to post them elsewhere, please be kind enough to leave the SMALL icon on the pic and / or link to the blog and give credit to JT who was kind enough to share these GREAT pics!!!  The kindness of others is what allows blogs like mine to share uncommon pics and stories with all of you (so making a little effort to credit things you "take" is only right / polite!)!!  THANK YOU : ) 


Sunshine36616 said...

Flower has pretty skinny legs, good to see they are muscular! I love that his tongue is hanging out. I expected Max to look sexy, no surprise there. Letang is looking SUPER fine!

lizagirl84 said...

awesome drooling ridiculously bad over here what a great way to start a day. if you go to the main site you see letang wearing zigtech (sids shoes!)love fleurys calves!! and your right if i was with letang i wouldnt be jabbering on the phone

Joyce said...

Good God . . . . . Kris Letang is freakin gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you ladies are enjoying the pics (I knew you would!)!! Tangers isn't even my favorite, but I can't deny he's sexy as hell (my friend refers to him as "sex on skates" which fits him PERFECTLY!)!!!

; D

Kiki_isTHEbunny said...

damn and I thought the 103 degree temps got me hot. holy hell batman, can hockey season come any quicker.

Val said...

Wooooohoooo and thank you! These pics have made my day :)

K said...

Bah, Kris Letang gets me every single time. If I were the lucky girl I would need to be on the phone or doi something in public to keep me from jumping him at every moment. hehe.

Michelle Jurgens said...

Kris rocks my world! May be married but certainly not blind!

stoneyblue said...

Pics.....awesome way to end my day.
Reading your take on each in the post Stephanie...totally agree. Going through the comments already left...agree, agree, agree, (sex on skates...that's a keeper),and "rocks my world"...I SO understand that!

Cat said...

@ 25Stanley - I love you and adore you. Thank you SOOOOOO much for the Max pics!!! And Flower & Letang too of course ;)
I'm jealous, but grateful. :)
Is it hockey season yet?