Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Western Conference Hottie: Jonathan Ericsson (Detroit Red Wings)

This is another of those awesome requests. It come to us from a reader who's screen name I'm not sure of. So I'll refer to him / her as "Loyal Reader" (Yes, I'm corny. [PS, If you'd like, you can drop me a comment, and correct me if I missed your screen name in your correspondence some where.]) who in proffering him for Hottie of the WC honors, had this to say: I know neither of you girls like the Detroit Redwings, but based on your non discrimination towards them I would like to nominate newcomer Jonathan Ericsson as WC Hottie of the week. Jonathan is 25 years old and in his last season of AHL affiliate, the Grand Rappid Griffins.

My cognisance of the Red Wings is very limited, I'll be honest about it (for those of you who might not be in the know, I happen to strongly dislike... Oh what the heck. I DESPISE them). So it will surely come as no surprise, that I missed this guy. I was probably looking for Lidstrom anyway if I was watching anything Wings related at all.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: From "Loyal Reader" With defensemen Andreas Lilja on LTIR, Ericsson has been filling in on the blue line for a little over the last month. Ericsson is bound to be a full time player next year for the Wings as defensemen Chris Chelios will be parting ways, hoping a team that isn't as defensively deep will be willing to sign him. I'll just take my medicine, and admit that I "borrowed" this (below) strait from but I found it impressive. So none the less plagiarism aside. Here it is:
Note Worthy
  • -Tallied first NHL goal at EDM 2/26.
  • -In 1st NHL game, played 22:39 and was "even" at CGY 2/22. (I was REALLY impressed with this)
  • -Registered a 100.1 MPH slap shot in AHL All-Star Game skills competition (um, SWOON!!!)
  • -The final pick (291) of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. (I just love it when "under dogs" acheve!)
  • -Recalled to Detroit from Grand Rapids 4/12/08 and was a Black Ace during the 2008 playoffs.
Pretty impressive, huh? A little known fact, he's done some playing as a center in Sweden. So I'm thinking the Wings are thinking. "Offensive Defenseman".

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Ah, the Defenseman, so very tasty. DET has a good share of really hot ones, too. (see above)

From "Loyal Reader" Jonathan could also be considered a bad boy as he breaks the mold of "European players who do not fight" (I don't think I have to remind everyone here, what I think of guys who stand up for their teammates) At 6'5, ( 207lbs. of the "golden Sidney Crosby eyes" and wavy dark chocolate hair. YUMMY!! I'm such a sucker for guys with wavy hair!!!!) he is not afraid to defend his teammates or fight when he is angry enough. Here is a link to his fight against the one of the Buffalo Sabres players from last month. Jonathan Ericsson fight (He's # 52 BTW, that's important to know when you watch that video. ESPECIALLY the part about 27 sec. in. Just FYI, he's the one "on top"!!). He's just a DOLL. I'm a little annoyed that all I can find on his personal, is in Swedish. Oh well. He's still really, REALLY sexy. and we couldn't drool on his sweetly sexy accent if he wasn't Swedish. So I'll take what I get (and I LOVE the accent).

In summation, it would seem that the infamous Detroit Redwings have added another Swedish "dish" to their already well populated contingency of delicious Swedes.


Rasha said...

Aahhhhh, finallly!! I'm not the person who you mentioned in your post, but I did nominate him once, so I am realllyyyyyyyyyyyyy glad that you finally featured him! I got a little too excited when I saw this post, I'll admit, lmao :)
Thanks for this, you made my day :D

Joyce said...

Oh my, he is HOT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you could try using an online translator on his personal info. It might not be perfect, but it might give you an idea of what it says.

Staal1187Crosby said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these weekly posts??? I do, I do, I do!! :-)

Mrs.Filppula51 said...

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm the one who mentioned Jonathan Ericsson not to long ago.

Stephanie said...

GOOD CALL @Mrs.Filppula51!! :D

Mrs.Filppula51 said...

Thanks Stephanie.

Mrs.Filppula51 said...

When I say what I am about to say I am just kidding. The Detroit Red Wings would like me to tell you that they don't like you either. Like I said I'm just kidding.