Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Being that I was lucky enough to be able to visit the CONSOL Energy Center already, I decided that it would only be appropriate to make this week's pictures relevant to some of the Sid-related things you'll see there!!

First of all, the new arena is amazing just like everyone before me has said ... so BEAUTIFUL and i can't wait to go to a hockey game there (won't be too long now ... pre-season game on September 22nd)!!

The pictures I'm feature here this week are of HUGE photos, an illuminated shadow box and an even LARGER mural of Sid that are some of the tributes of him throughout the CONSOL.  I include a paragraph to explain what you're seeing here (which is part of an article I'm working on about the CONSOL as a newly-appointed second Penguins writer for The Hockey Writers ... once I'm finished and have it posted, I will be sure to include a link to it!)!!

Most of the items that are pictured here are part of the "PNC LegendsLevel Suites" (the floor between the first and second sections which is ultimately where alot of the CONSOL's character comes alive with numerous pieces of "larger-than-life" artwork and photos of the players and the team hanging on the corridor walls and hallways lined with carpeted floors throughout the entire level, but the crowning jewels are the illuminated Legendary Moments shadow boxes paying tribute to a few of the more memorable moments in the organization's history including that very faithful day that most Pens fans are familiar with as "The Lottery" earning us the right to select Sidney Crosby as our #1 draft pick (which includes the actual #12 lottery ball as well as the envelope -- it may be hard to see, but I highlighted those things with a darker blue circles).

The huge mural of Sid - pictured below (with the windows which is actually part of their conference rooms) makes up one entire wall of the arena which is off to the right behind the escalators as you walk into the CONSOL through the Trib Total Media entrance.  It's huge and gorgeous and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, but most of the pictures don't do this building nearly enough justice -- you'll definitely be blown away when you get to see it in person for yourself!!!


lizagirl84 said...

oh you are killing me with these posts!!! love it! we are going to an event in september cant wait to get a looksie. that mural looks awesome.

Devon said...

Small, small world! I'm a roving reporter and a Red Wings writer for The Hockey Writers! I know you Penguins ladies hate the Red Wings...but I've been reading HftL since forever just because it's entertaining! Looks like we're (sort of) co-workers?? :)

Stephanie said...

SO VERY COOL, Devon!!! It is a small world and I think its awesome!! ; )