Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PART 4? YESSSSSSS!!! From Russia With Love (Part 4)


How ADORABLE is Geno?!!!!!  And HOW LUCKY is Mike Kadar getting to travel to Russia and help Malkin train?!!!!  YOU ROCK, Kadar (THANKS for the great video!)!!

IF ONLY I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW, I would do it so differently and gone to college to do something in sports medicine and work with my beloved Pens ... hmmmm, I DO have a BS degree in Biology, so maybe I should consider returning to focus on that ... HUH!

And is it just me or does it look as though Geno wants to give Sid a "run for his money" on the skating thing (maybe he saw the video of Sid practicing last week on YouTube too - CLICK HERE AND YOU CAN SEE IT TOO, if you haven't already!)!!

ENJOY, ladies!!!


Jane said...

Oh dear God I love him!! <3 lol :) Is it hockey season yet?!?!?

Stephanie said...

I hear ya, Jane!!! I'm just passing the time until October ... SO READY for hockey!!! ; D