Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Is BIG for NHL Weddings!

OF COURSE it is ... it's the off-season!!

Today, the NHL world is "a-buzz" with wedded bliss (according to Twitter)!!

The following NHLers are tying the knot today:
TANNER GLASS (Winnipeg Jets, formerly Vancouver Canucks) and Emily Tracy
RAY KAUNISTO (LA Kings) and Gillian Stewart
MAX PACIORETTY (Montreal Canadiens) and Katia Afinogenov, Maxim's sister - see below

AND ... SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2011

They tied the knot last weekend:
MAXIM AFINOGENOV (formerly of the Buffalo Sabres) and Elena Dementieva, tennis player (pictured below)

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Laeioura said...

BizNasty tweeted some pictures yesterday from Cal Clutterbuck's wedding. Some were of Cal and his new wife. I can never figure out how to link in the comment section, but they would be in his twitter feed from yesterday.