Thursday, July 28, 2011

He Looks Like He Hasn't Missed a Beat
(and can pass himself / catch pucks through chair legs!)

I mentioned this video on here yesterday, but I posted it on my Penguins blog shortly after it began causing a stir on the internet (Tuesday).  A TON OF THANKS goes out to CullensVids1 for posting the video on YouTube and allowing all of us fans to have great hope for Crosby's return!

This video is nothing less than INSPIRING (and I wouldn't expect any less from Sid!)!!  The guy is amazing.  He's skating like he never suffered from a horrible concussion that took him off the ice for half the season ... just like he never left the ice at all!!

This gives me great hope for next season and seeing him back on the ice (I HAVE CHILLS!)!!

He's all heart, he loves hockey, he IS hockey, and that's why he's the greatest player of this generation!  YEAH ... I SAID IT (and why I created these posts on this blog - there's SO MANY reasons to love him!)!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, let us count the ways, but I have 2 questions, 1) Is that goalie Taylor, and 2) am I the only one who enjoys that song?

Stephanie said...

I probably should've posted what I did when I shared this on my other blog ... according to the individual who took the video, the goalie IS NOT Taylor (although you aren't the first one who has thought that ... there's been TONS of people who've mentioned that) and I can't comment on the song because my volume was "off" when I watched it, but as far as what I've read, it looks like you may just be the only one who likes that song -- and it's OK to be different (we welcome EVERYONE on this blog!)!! ; )

EleaStories said...

@Holyroller17 - I love this music too! Don't know who did this version, but it's a remake of a 1972 song called 'Popcorn' by (no joke) Hot Butter! What a great choice for a song by whoever put the video together.

AussieGal said...

Methinks we're waaaay overdue for some hot new pics of Sid!