Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THIS JUST IN: Player Engagement!!

THANKS to Caitlyn A. for this recent development on one of hockey's most eligible bachelors who is now "off the market!"

I'm sorry to inform some of you ladies that Zach Parise proposed to his LONG-time, girlfriend Alisha Woods, last month (August 2011).  The wedding is set for sometime next July and will be held in Minnesota according to Rich Chere of The Star-Ledger.

(sorry Christine!) : (


Staal1187Crosby said...

Oh, no! Another one gone! ;-) Zach was my first hockey crush, before Crosby & Staalsy. And since I live in NJ he's a bit closer to the home & heart. Best of luck to him and his fiancé.

Stephanie said...

Yeah ... they're "dropping" like flies these days!! I feel for you ... I had to break the news to my friend today, too (first Max and now this!)!!

Zach is definitely a hottie (at least we can still look!)!!

; )

Anonymous said...

YAY! finally! Congrats. so happy for them. they are to cute!