Thursday, September 1, 2011

Join the 2011 HftL Fantasy Hockey League!!

I've decided to once again extend the FUN we have on this blog into the realm of fantasy hockey and signed up to create HftL's very own fantasy hockey league at Yahoo! Sports.  I'm pretty excited about it again this year!!  I want to mention that last year was kind of a "dry run" and I ended up not being so involved, but I'm hoping to change that this year --- even trying to post results and standings, etc., AS LONG AS I HAVE TIME (I'm currently in the process of writing for two more blogs in addition to my own, so this year will also have to be "by the seat of my pants," but I WILL TRY very hard to be involved as I can and make it so we all have fun)!

Last year, I ended up expanding the league to accommodate the interest and created two separate leagues, so I decided to keep them both this year as well (hopefully we'll have just as much interest as last year). If you're interested, don't wait because we can only have a total of 26 slots (14 teams PER LEAGUE which includes my team in each league for a TOTAL of 28 teams).  I will consider creating another league to accomodate any new interest this year, but we need to have AT LEAST four teams for each league I create.

PLEASE NOTE: the time of the draft is "eastern standard time" (EST) and some of the notes on the Yahoo! page is showing PST, so please be sure to check!

ALSO NOTE that since this is the second year I'm organizing the leagues, I decided to send invitations to previous managers (letting them decide whether or not they want to continue this season). BUT I somehow deleted the second league (FHL2), so if you were a part of that league last season, please email me ASAP IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE THIS YEAR - thank you!!

The fantasy league's season coincides with the regular NHL season and as of now, the LIVE Draft (to pick up players for your team) is scheduled for Sunday, September 25th at 6:45 PM (est); however, if you join the league and have an issue with this date / time then we can try to juggle it so everyone can be present and pick players during the live draft.

THIS WILL BE FUN ... if you've never taken part in a fantasy league, now is the time!!!  Fantasy leagues are alot of fun and combining the blog and it's readers into a fantasy hockey league just seems like a really natural fit ... I, in no way, take the league too "seriously" as some leagues do and this is all for the sole purpose of having MORE FUN!!  I've been part of a couple leagues, but I'm in no way an expert; however, if you have any questions or are a little hesitant and would like a little more of an explanation (or are seriously considering but need a little convincing), PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME and I'll try my best to provide the information you need ... it really is fun (and somewhat addictive), I promise - you'll be happy you joined!!

SO IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN CREATING A TEAM AND JOINING THE LEAGUE, PLEASE EMAIL ME at (with "FHL" as Subject) AND ONCE I KNOW HOW MANY OF YOU ARE INTERESTED, I'LL SEND YOU AN INVITATION SINCE THESE ARE SET UP AS "PRIVATE" LEAGUES (also note that we need AT LEAST 4 teams to be able to go forward with another league; I have already created teams for each of the two leagues that are currently set up)!!


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