Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crosby and Neal Pictures of the Week

Hockey season really motivates me!  Can you tell??!!!

And since I haven't been too much on the ball these past several weeks, some of the pics are older -- the ones toward the end of the post (like the home-opener-kind of old!)!!  But they are all really worth posting (you'll see!) -- I meant to have a few of the ones I took, but I haven't "spiffied" them up yet (of course - not too good with pictures either -- in my mind, at least I know I have them!)!! 

I also have a few from those of you who were nice enough to send me some of your own -- so hopefully I can be ready and have them up next time (I really appreciate you guys emailing to share with me ESPECIALLY GOOD PICS!)!! ; D

Anyway ... ENJOY, LADIES!!!

My Sid <3

Sid and Geno practice celebrating a goal
(its been a while!)

Sid and Geno BRO-HUG
(I'm tellin's ya ... it's a secret BRO-MANCE!)!!

Sid and Geno
(after the BRO-HUG!)

Sid IN A SNAZZY SUIT for introductions before the home-opener
(almost nothing better!)!!

Sid and Geno during introductions at the home-opener
(I will always believe, in my own mind, that THIS is a secret BRO-MANCE!)

MY NEALY <3 (I DO realize that his nickname is really "Nealer;" however, "Nealy" is MY NICKNAME for him!!! ; )

How adorable is he?!!!(that's rhetroical, ladies) ; P
AND THAT SMILE -- ughhhhhhhh!!!

A Nealy Sandwich -- why, yes please!!(now I'm just amusing myself!)
(my descriptive word(s) for him is "adorably sexy" -- and my buddy Christy says there IS such a thing!)
 Neal skating at team practice the morning of the home-opener

This one IS from my own personal collection - I made it my FB profile pic!
(it's either training camp OR the "Town Hall Meeting")


Kristen8771 said...

I love these pictures! So good to see Sid back on the ice! And I have to agree with your comments of the bro-mance and the term "adorably sexy"...totally possible! ;)

Stephanie said...

THANKS @Kristen8771!!! It really is good to see Sid back on the ice (can't wait to see him play especially if it's with Neal!)!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks there's a bro-mance going on between Sid and Geno --- I actually think Geno ADORES Sid ... and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its possible to be "adorably sexy!" (that makes THREE now!)!! ; D

THANKS for commenting!!!