Monday, October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Geno and Sid!

The Penguins are "off" until their next game on Thursday and what a better way to start it all off than with a Halloween party?!!

THANKS to Evgeni Malkin being super Twitter-saavy (@Malkin71_), we can all enjoy a couple pictures from the team's Halloween party last night.

I know Sid is a gladiator, but what about Geno? Pimp, 70's porn star ... I can't really tell for sure what he's going for. Regardless, I'm loving the chest hair which he no doubt took from his wig (very clever!)!!
Yes, this IS really Geno's official Twitter account (it's verified ) and YES, that really is him and Sid (confirmed by Geno himself - "Geno and sid))))")!! THIS is the stuff I live for as a die-hard fan (as I'm sure alot of other fans do), so I'm posting it to share with all of you to enjoy too in case you didn't catch them last night.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Pens nation!!!

And I threw one in for "good measure." The MLF posted this on the FB page today (which I was led to by Twitter this morning):
Happy Halloween! In celebration, check out Mario posing as James Bond for an event back in 2003!


Deanna said...

And here's a great pic from TK of him and Staalsy!!/tk1448/status/131036584295407616

TaylorGNR said...

I LOVE IT!!! I want to know what the rest of the team dressed as.

Fleury29Forever said...

Has anyone ever seen a picture of Marc-Andre Fleury dressed as Catwoman? Last year Talbot said Flower dressed up as Catwoman and I would love to see THAT! I'm curious if it was the Halle Berry version, the Michelle Pfiefer version, or the Lee Merriweather/Eartha Kitt version(1906s era)

TaylorGNR said...

So turns out Tanger was Ernie from Sesame Street for Halloween. I do have photo evidence if you want it.

Stephanie said...

I don't think I've ever come across a picture of Fleury as Catwoman @Fleury29Forever ... and OF COURSE I would like to see Tanger as Ernie, @TaylorGNR!!! ; D You can send it to my email unless you want to post it in the comments, if you can but I'm certain that more of us would see it if you send it to me and I post it.

THANKS, ladies!!! ; P

TaylorGNR said...

I just sent you an email let me know when you get it.

Nikki said...

heres ben lovejoy as im guessing as curious george?? haha!/RevLovejoy6/status/131202875643801600/photo/1