Friday, December 23, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I Present to You "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN HOCKEY"

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  This is turning out to be ONE GREAT HOLIDAY BREAK for me so far (and it's just started) ... the above is what I found waiting for me in my email inbox just a few minutes ago (see how nice I am to drag my ass up off the floor so I could share it with all of you?!)!!! ; )

That is a whole-lotta-sexy-goin-on right there ... don't even get me started on that "staring at me with those 'looking-at-a-face-off-puck' eyes!"  [TAKE ME NOW!!]  And THEN they had to make the title "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN HOCKEY."

Dear baby Jesus why do you do this to me?!!!

THANK YOU, THN, for finally acknowledging that (1) he IS a MAN and (2) he's the most powerful one in hockey (even if it is for a silly-little-poll!)!!  The rest of us know what exactly that really means (and all the layers of the meaning!)!!

Well, I'm off to clean all the [*DROOL*] off my laptop!!  ENJOY, LADIES and GENTS!!!



lizagirl84 said...

Merry Christmas Thank you steph wow wow wow those eyes we can all pretend he is looking at each of us can't we? come back soon you sexy man

AussieGal said...

Merry Christmas! my most wanted present is a healthy captain but I'll take that sexy cover as well thanks!