Thursday, December 1, 2011

(no one could've written a better story!)

I should've done this a few weeks ago, but since there hasn't been one of these posts in a while I figured it's just as good of a time as any!!!

And how appropriate is it that it's THE 87th REASON?!! I did not plan that -- I DIDN'T!!!

Crosby's return ... could it have been any better?!!!  I was lucky enough to be there and witness it in person and it was even more chilling than it could've ever come across on TV, BELIEVE ME (I actually don't remember much from the night -- I think I was literally in shock that the time had finally come and I was actually THERE!)!!

Anyway, my favorite part of it all aside from the first time he stepped onto the ice for pre-game warm-ups was when he scored his first goal - SO EXCITING ... I could've watched his celebration over and OVER AGAIN.  In fact, I still get a kick out of watching it and I get just as excited about it as the first time it happened!!!

So here it is ... REASON #87 WHY I LOVE SIDNEY CROSBY (in motion!)!!  "FUCK-YEAH!!" -- sorry, I just HAD to do it!!! ; P

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