Friday, December 2, 2011

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!

First of all, I must begin with announcing that I am a born and bred East Texan, but there's little I love more than my Pittsburgh Penguins.

Any die hard Steel City fan knows that we span across the globe. Hell, I saw a Steelers bar when I was in Rome! Needless to say, I am minority in Texas, but when it's hockey season, I bleed black and gold.

My obsession with Pens hockey began when I was still in the womb. I was born very shortly after the Pens won the Stanley Cup, but my mother began to feel contraction during the final game. Now, she should have gone to the hospital, especially when the contractions grew closer together, but she'd be damned if she missed one second of the final game. But when Mario lifted that Cup, my mother finally allowed my father to take her to the hospital, but alas, I was a tricky girl, even before I was born, and decided to stay for a few more days. Shortly after, a brand new Pens fan was born.

Growing up with four brothers only furthered my obsession with the team. I was always right next to them on the couch or in the stands, screaming my head off for someone to just shoot already, or pass goddammit! I could rattle off the entire roster and worshiped Mario. When Mario returned, I could see comparisons to the second coming of Christ. I am die hard, to say the least.

In this acquisition of Lord Stanley, I was watching the final game one day before my birthday. I prayed, I hoped and I wished with all my heart that the best birthday gift would be for the Pens to win the Stanley Cup. My prayers and wishes were answered and I woke up on the morning of my eighteenth birthday all smiles because my favorite hockey team had lifted the Stanley Cup high above their heads the night before.

So no matter rain or shine, win or lose, I love my Pittsburgh Penguins. I wear my Staal and Letang jerseys around my small East Texas town and I wear them with pride despite the funny looks I get.

I am, without a doubt, a die hard, female Penguins fan.

You go, Victoria!  I am also proud of being a fan just as I'm sure every Pens fan is - male or female; but I'm always SO PROUD to see fans from outside of Pennsylvania representing our boys as well!  The Penguins are slowly becoming like the Steelers in the fact that no matter where they play, there are Penguins fans in the seats and that is DEFINITELY SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!  So keep wearing your Staal and Letang jerseys (your boys are doing well this season!), screaming in the stands, and rattling off Pittsburgh rosters because you're representing Pittsburgh and we gladly accept you as one of us ... THANKS for sharing your story, Victoria!!

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