Thursday, January 22, 2009

HftL Does the All-Stars (Western Conference): RYAN GETZLAF of the Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Getzlaf spent his day with the Stanley Cup in the summer of 2007 in his childhood hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, where he hosted a street hockey tournament for kids in which competing teams played for the actual Stanley Cup.

What's Hot - Well, look at him... he's easily got the Duckling market cornered as far as looks. Although he does suffer from the atrocious facial hair standards that afflicts the rest of the team on occasion, I will admit that this vicious malady is not as pronounced for him. He's 6'4" 220lbs. which is tasty any way you look at it. His older brother Chris is a wide receiver in the CFL (Canadian Football League) [Why is this hot, you ask me? My answer, "I was a football fan before I became a hockey fan(atic). What can I say, you never forget your first love]. He has 3 dogs. Says the Cannery is his favorite restaurant in the OC (Orange County) area [Ha, Canned Duck, OK, maybe it's not that funny, yea, I give, not that funny.] Says he enjoys cooking [All I can say is "So Awesome! A guy who can actually cook."], with most of his meals centered around chicken [Again, awesome].

What's Hockey -
Honestly, a lot! He currently ranks in the top 10 (I think 4th, at this very moment) in goals scored. During the Ducks Stanley Cup Run 2 years ago, he centered the second line with teammates Corey Perry (do not talk to me about Corey Perry) and Dustin Penner (who now plays for EDM, by the way), the trio was dubbed the "Kid Line" (Getzlaf and Perry were both 21, while Penner was 22) and combined for 147 points. He led the Duck's roster in scoring in the 2007 playoffs with 17 points in 21 games.His draft year of 2003 is considered one of the deepest drafts ever. In the first round alone Eric Staal (be gentle with me Stephanie), Dion Phaneuf, Marc-Andre Fleury (your area of expertise, Stephanie), Zach Parise, Nikolai Zherdev, Thomas Vanek, Mike Richards, Corey Perry (No Comment), Nathan Horton, Jeff Carter and Ryan Getzlaf were all taken.

Some players he admires -

Joe Sakic [COL Avalanche] "I like him a lot. I've had the chance to hang out with him at All-Star Games, and that's big for me. The numbers he's put up, and the leadership he has provided, it's incredible."

Teemu Selanne [ANA Ducks] "He has helped me a lot. We don't play similar games, but we have similar attitudes and have developed a good friendship here. He shows us how to have fun at the rink."


Anonymous said...

mmmm that picture of him at the bottom is pretty sexy

25superstar said...

i totally agree! and he's such a sweetie!

hockeychick8771 said...

lovvve him!!!!!
oh and im just curious, but what do you have against perry?