Friday, February 20, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Darcy Hordichuk (Vancouver Canucks)

One of the baddest of Bad Boys. He's almost too gorgeous [no, really he is] to post as a "bad boy." I'm explaining myself, so if you want, skip ahead to the good stuff, go ahead; but none the less, here he is.

He's got brains too. Just check out this post on his blog [from the Canucks website [READ HERE]. It's really intelligent and gives some neat insight into the job of the "enforcer" in hockey because, come on, do that many of the fans really want them to take the fighting out of hockey? I think not (at least the fans I know certainly don't!!).

I just said it a few sentences ago, but I'll say it again. He's gorgeous. He says in the above article that he's been fighting since juniors and I know he's got some of the best AHL fights ever.

I know that the readers of this site are primarily Penguins fans and I know what their view is on most things Red Wing (it matches mine BTW), so I'm posting one of my favorite fights below. Wherein he whups the stuffing's out of
Darren McCarty.

If all the above wasn't enough for you, you should
check out some of the stuff, here. This is just one year's worth. [sigh] Yummy!!!

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Lauren said...

I agree - he's really WAY too pretty to be an enforcer, but then again, that might just add to his hot factor.