Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I [We All] Love About Geno!!

OK - I know today is usually the day I talk about how in love I am with Sidney and reasons why, but after yesterday's game (and the past few games) I think Geno deserves a little HftL love today!!

How AWESOME is he?!!! He has been motivated to "bring it" for every game and never loses that fire to win!! He's unbelieveable and is SO deserving of that "A" he was chosen to wear permanently.

So here are some of the reasons I've come up with for loving Malkin (and if I've missed anything, please feel free to include your own in the comments!):
  • he's adorable!
  • he's so very humble
  • he's talented
  • he's a natural player
  • he's HOT
  • he has amazingly large, masculine hands
  • he's an alternate captain ("A")
  • he makes the plays when they're needed
  • the fire in his eyes on the ice
  • his "bedroom eyes" (that one's for you, 71crush!)!!
  • his passion for the game (and to win)
  • his broken English
  • he can play with anyone on his line
  • he challenges other players to be their best
  • he's a team player


swissmiss said...

* he never gives up
* his ability to take over a game
* his passionate goal celebrations
* those lovely large lips
* his sweet behind....
* his candid interviews-sure this is due to his his basic command of english but you gotta love it anyway, i.e. " i was mad because we're losing..."

71crush said...

Go Geno!!! That was absolutely amazing last night. Love your list. I would add, his hockey butt, his easygoing nature, his shyness...
THANKS for giving Geno some love!!
(and including those bedroom eyes)

25superstar said...

he is just the best there is. incredible. period.

JuneyMoon said...

You forgot his oral fixation and the sight of him sucking on his necklace with those brown eyes turned up......

ashleynicole said...

yay geno!
he's amazing.
you could also add that cute little half smile he always does, especially during interviews when he can't find the right words to say in english && he apologizes <3

Anonymous said...

awwww genoooo!!
i love this man!

Anonymous said...

ahh yes and his necklace sucking! lol

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Over 6' tall!!!

That holds it's own special kind of hotness.

and the sucking on his gold chain...
um. I can't think of a "G" rated comment for that.

Cheyenne said...

that damn full faced smile he gets when he cant find the right word to use. like on the FSN commercial =)