Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Sheldon Souray (Edmonton Oilers)

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Defensemen are tasty in their own right and he's particularly yummy. He has one of the hardest shots in the League (um, this one goes below also!!). Some of the better goalies talk about how they dislike facing one of his shots [HERE]. Before he was the big presence on the Oil's blue line, he played 368 games for the Montreal Canadians. Then was acquired by EDM as a free agent in July of 2007.

He has a hat trick (earned 12/03/03 while he was still with MTL, against the NSH Preds).

Some recent high points of his career are:

  • 3rd All-Star game appearance (he scored twice for the West in this game)
  • Finished 3rd in the hardest shot competition (102.3 mph)
  • 3rd on Oilers in total points (interestingly he's a -6, too. What's up with that?)
  • 3rd on Oilers in scoring & is 2nd in goals, 1st in PPG (7) & 5th in assists (remember, he's a D-man. I find this statistic particularly impressive, myself)
  • 8th in scoring among NHL defensemen & is 3rd in goals & tied for 2nd in PPG

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: The oddest description of Souray comes to mind when I see him. Tall, dark, Hershey bar on skates [do feel free to laugh, I already did]. Keeping all that in mind, he really is delicious. 6'4” 233 lbs. Chocolate (not quite black) hair & eyes.

Check out the TATTOOS!!! [swoon]

I personally find the pronunciation of his last name to be VERY sexy (SUHR-ay).

His favorite piece of sports memorabilia, Wayne Gretzky's stick from his last year of playing. "For a kid from Edmonton, that's pretty special." His favorite home cooked meal, "A sausage stew that my mom makes" (grin, I need to FIND THAT RECIPE!!!!) His favorite cereal is Frosted Mini-Wheats (sweet). First thing he does after he wakes up in the morning is have a shower (easy ladies, easy. I know what kind of mental images that conjours up). His first vehicle was a 1979 Ford Bronco, about which he says: "Still wish I had it. I loved that truck."


KD said...

I was totally going to nominate him, I just hadn't gotten around to it. Great choice, Kena! :)

Rhonda said...

What a great blog I just happened to stumble upon! Everything is awesome, and hey, the pictures aren't bad either, lol! Definitely going to make this a regular spot on my blog walking each day :)


Val said...

Two words - love him! Oh, and one more word to describe him - beautiful!

Thanks for making my day!

7th Woman said...

Well isn't this interesting!!! Does the NHL realize that the women will take over the league one day??? Very cool, But check out Chris Campoli and Josh Bailey from the Islanders. They're young, but they are cuties!

swissmiss said...

yeah, i was sold with the all-star game pic.