Monday, February 16, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Patrick Lalime (Buffalo Sabres)

I'm thinking that I'm starting to acquire a thing for goalies seeing as how this is the second straight goalie I've chosen for the Eastern Conference Eye Candy!!

Anyway - here's an "oldie but goodie," ladies!!

Patrick Lalime is currently the back-up goalie for the Buffalo Sabres, but he's had a long career in the NHL beginning with being drafted in 1993 by the Pittsburgh Penguins - 6th round, 156th overall (that's reason enough for me to have a soft spot for him!)!!

And here's another reason -- he's recorded two NHL fights (2001-2002, 2003-2004) earning a leaving the crease and game misconduct penalties for both and even though, from what I've read, he's not the winner in either, you gotta give the guy props for fighting in the first place -- he's a goalie!!

So I had to see for myself and did some searching on YouTube. It seems to me that it was a pretty even fight for this one (decide for yourself; it's about 1:00 minute in, but by all means - watch the whole video - it's one of hockey's greatest displays of fights since practically all of both teams are involved!!):

But all of this aside, he's a great goalie and a great back-up to Ryan Miller for the Sabres since signing with them this past July. CLICK HERE to see a spectacular save of Lalime's yesterday against Ray Whitney of the Carolina Hurricanes!

Did I mention he's good-looking?!! ; )


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"you gotta give the guy props for fighting in the first place -- he's a goalie!!"

Ha ha. I'd fight anyone, if I could do it in goalie gear. How can you get hurt.

Chicken that I am, i'd probably leave the helmet on, though.

sabreschic87 said...

oh man i love Patrick Lalime...I've met him a couple times waiting for the Sabres and he is the NICEST guy. And he's gorgeous...and he is so enthusiastic for Ryan Miller.

I haven't seen a back up goalie so happy for their starter winning since Marty Biron. He always skates as fast as possible to congratulate him after a win and is just so happy.

I think that is something else that just makes him that much more attractive.