Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keeping You INFORMED: Today's Cover of the Boston Herald

For more on this, head over to TSCSF and read my update that includes what some of the Pens have to say about the 'hype' about tonight's game against Boston!!

Seriously ... this is the cover!!

What do you think ... is Boston concerned about winning tonight or revenge?? My bet is if they're looking for revenge, it'll happen within the first minute of the game (to send a message quickly)!! READ MORE ON IT IN THE ARTICLES BELOW:

LET THE HOOPLA BEGIN (I can guarantee that the Pens are more focused on a win then the revenge angle that the fans / media have started!)!!! I'm feeling a win tonight (THIS paired with Fleury having piss and vinegar running through his veins to "redeem" himself after last night's silliness against NJ).


Candace said...

This whole thing is crap. Yeah, Cookie probably should have been suspended. He wasn't. Why doesn't someone offer to wreak havoc against Colin Campbell? You know, the one that was responsible for the discipline end of it all?

What burns me is how out of hand it all seems to be getting. It sounds like the Boston fans won't be happy until Sid leaves on a stretcher, which is positively asinine. That is not what our sport is about, and it's crap like this that just fuels the negative press machine.

If the Boston fans had their screws tightened all the way, they'd be worried about making it into the playoffs right now. Deal with whatever later, even if it takes until next season. Besides, what if Cooke obliges with a fight and proceeds to pound someone into hamburger meat? He's already going to need police protection to get *into* the building...What if another Penguin is convinced to fight, and the same thing happens? It's only going to throw fuel on the fire, which is already far out of control.

Sorry this was so long, but as you can tell, it's a rather passionate issue.

Stephanie said...

Yes, Candace, I CAN tell its a passionate issue, but I LIKE THAT ... it's what being a fan is all about!!! I tend to agree with you on all counts!!! I'm psyched for tonight, but if it escalates into something ugly, I'm fearful!!! I suppose that they're big boys and they've played long enough to realize when / when not to cross that line (lets hope for that anyway!)!!

THANKS for posting!!!!!! : )

lyndz575 said...

As a Bruins fan I know the only thing I'm concerned for tonights game is a W. I would honestly be ashamed of the B's if they went after Crosby with the intention of hurting him. It would be stupid and just plain ridiculous. The Bruins need to just focus on winning this game without doing anything stupid. Sure I was upset with the hit on Savard by Cooke but what are we ultimately going to gain by taking out Crosby? nothing besides bad publicity. I would have like to of seen on of the Bruins stick up for Savard that day but none of them did then which was almost two weeks ago. Anyways enough of my rambling haha I'm just looking forward to a good hockey game tonight played with a lot of passion.

Ally said...

Going after Crosby or any of the other Pens would be crap. If they HAVE to go after someone make it Cooke...y'know, the guy who did it. I'm still absolutely LIVID over what happened to Savard...who's one of my favorite players even though he doesn't play for the Thrashers any more. I'm angry nothing was done to Cooke. But things need to stay classy.

I'm more concerned about Savard. It's going to be a long long time before he makes a full recovery :(

Anna said...

I'm going to the game tonight! It's crazy around here. Everyone hates cooke! My parents didn't want me to wear a pens shirt because they're scared that I might get in a fight but I wore it anyways!! GO PENS!!!

Anna said...

I forgot to add this.

People around here are more upset with how the bruins players reacted to the hit and how the bruins orginzation is being run. They don't want to hurt crosby. If they do I'll be jumping over the boards and kicking some bruins players ass.

MyDearestObsession said...

People need to learn the definition of "sportsmanship", the fans especially. If the Bruins coach is worth his salary, he's trying to get his team to focus on the playoffs and not on retaliation. That's what any GOOD, RESPECTABLE coach should be doing.

I do not agree with the fact that Matt Cooke went unpunished. Yes, there was a precedent set, and, yes, it was upheld, but I still don't agree with it. However, I will say this: I don't think Cooke is the kind of athlete who goes into a game and goes, "Ok, whose life am I going to ruin today?" THAT kind of athlete is what's called a "player" and they're a step below real athletes in my book. Cooke respects the other players; somebody like Ovechkin doesn't.

Personally, I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. Like Ally says, we just need to stay classy. And we need to come out of this with the win, with all the boys in one piece. I'm not saying don't fight...I'm saying do it right, get it over with, and get back to playing hockey because that's what the fans want to see, not a bloodbath.

Getting off my soapbox now. =]

Stephanie said...

All of the comments posted here are one of the MANY reasons I just LOVE YOU LADIES and writing this blog!!!

We are all on the same page and each of you said at least one thing that I've thought of to myself about this specific situation and the game of hockey in general ... we GET it especially since all of these comments have risen above "enemy lines" and have ultimately talked about the honor of the game and the character of those who play it (not necessarily taking "sides")!!

I think we're all looking forward to a great game played with a lot of emotion and not necessarily whether or not the Bruins are interested in redemption and

WELL SAID ladies, especially @MyDearestObsession!!!

Keep all the comments coming ... I thoroughly enjoy this!! : )

katya8 said...

I've always liked Matt Cooke. I guess my mindset on it is: He goes after someone like Ovechkin, more power to him. He goes after someone like Semin, I'll cut him at the knees.

~Katya ( Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging my fanfiction lol.)