Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Won the Gold

(and Came Through for Team Canada with the GWG!!)

Yes, I know, I AM American and very proud of that fact, but the Olympics put me (and I'm sure alot of other American hockey fans) in quite an awkward position!!!

Who do I root for ... Crosby, Malkin, Team Canada, Team Russia, Brooksy and Team USA??? UGH, but I'm American and the Penguins are playing for different teams!!

Regardless, I am also a hockey fan and I think I can say that I appreciate what ALL our boys did which means that I can look beyond the fact that Crosby scored the GWG for Team Canada which ultimately led to Team USA's loss inching them out for the Gold and realize that what Crosby did was something special ... magical even ... it couldn't be a more fitting end to the Olympics for Crosby than that (I found myself saying after he scored, "that's our Sid!")!!

YES, blood is thicker than GOLD (which is something awesome I heard someone say today ... I think it was Gene Collier on KDKA's Nightly Sports Call), but that Crosby kid - he's something special and I can appreciate that no matter where my loyalties lie!!

This is the new cover for SI's March 8th issue that came out yesterday!!


Rebelheart87 said...

Can I tell you how much I love your reasons????

And I had a hard time too, but I went all traitor-like and cheered for Team Canada... *gasp*

I was glad when it was all over though, and the boys were a team once again!

Zigh said...

Stephanie, can I just say how happy this made me...

"Regardless, I am also a hockey fan and I think I can say that I appreciate what ALL our boys did"

I've actually had to stop talking to a lot of my American friends (I'm Canadian), because they continually keep attacking me over the game. It's nice to see that there are people that can appreciate the sport for what it is, and agree that we should be proud of ALL our guys.

And @Rebelheart I agree! I'm so glad that my Hawks are reunited... minus Hossa... he can leave whenever he wants lol

Cat said...

Well I was solidly with Team USA. While I loved watching all my favorites on their teams, but when it came right down to it I wanted to see the US with gold. So, I must confess that my first thoughts after that GWG weren't the most, um, generous. Although, in hindsight I should have known how the game would end. I was telling a friend even before the game that the one thing that really made me nervous was Sidney. He just seems to come alive in the biggest pressure situations there are and he always seems to come up with a goal when his team needs it the most. Darn him. (and I mean that only in this one situation)
Now that some time has passed I am nothing but thrilled for him! He is very special, both as a player and as a person. No-one deserved that moment more.
And I have no doubt there will be many more moments like that for him. Like someone said - he has a touch of "destiny".

EHisCDN said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again! And a great post at that. He will forever go down in Canadian hockey history/lore as the one to score the golden goal over our rivals to the south.

@ Cat
Don't worry I don't blame you for not being happy after he scored. Trust me if Canada had lost the entire nation of Canada would have rioted and instead of praising the Olympics and calling them a success everyone would have put a negative spin on it - despite the 13 other golds. Plus I would've had a few choice words coming out of my mouth, not gunna lie when the US scored with 24seconds left I was about ready to throw in the towel and roast the entire men's hockey team.

aBurghGirl said...

Those first few minutes after Sid scored... it was almost like I wanted to jump for joy and cry at the same time.

Glad he's back in the black and gold now!

staalzielover11 said...

i couldnt be more happier.. yah im american and i was cheering for both usa and canada cause both had our players and im glad that the game ended like it did.. i think i would have acted a little differently if it wasnt sid scoring the goal, but since sid got the goal it made it alot better. i wasnt mad at him or unhappy with it, i was proud of what he did and im proud of usa comign away with the silver....

the two top teams in the world fought it out till the very end and im glad it was usa v. canada! they both deserved it. but im glad that the boys are back to playing on the same team so i dont have to cheer for two teams at once, cause that was HARD!

saved2serve87 said...

I believe in giving credit were credit is due and I gotta hand it to Sidney he deserves ALL the praise he is getting for that GWG. Although I was desperetly hoping the USA would win and I actually cried when we didn't. Team Canada kicked butt and came out on top.

Staal1187Crosby said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who was in the same boat, as far as being American but wanting to see Crosby win the Gold! It was just a storybook ending and although I was sad for Team USA (Parise is another favorite of mine) it was so awesome that Sidney was the one to get the game-winning goal.

Becky said...

I was hoping USA would win but I remember thinking that if we have to lose this game in overtime that I hope Crosby gets the goal. Plus now Crosby is a hero except in New York when they booed him the other night which is totally classless!!

Ashlen said...

It's okay girl, I'm from the USA too. I've been sporting the Canada bracelet since the startttt ;)
I'm all for Sid.