Friday, March 12, 2010

THANKS, Ladies!!!

I'm trying very hard to get back into writing, but even just that seems to be a chore these days and I'm certain all of my lovely ladies can understand that. Yesterday was my first day back at work which proved to be a slight struggle especially with training scheduled for this week ... needless to say my butt was kicked by the end of the day and I was glad to be able to hop into my truck and head home!!

I want to start off today by extending my ENORMOUS GRATITUDE to all of you that sent expressions of sympathy in whatever form you chose to do it (whether it was through email, posting a comment, or just keeping me / my gram / my family in your thoughts and prayers) ... I can't tell you how much it means to me and how grateful I am to "know" and interact with such kind people!! You are a wonderful group who continually brightens my day and I THANK YOU for that from the bottom of my heart!!!

I thought I'd ease back into this with fan stories since it's an easier post for me to write. I still ask for your continued support and patience as it may prove to be a little bit of a struggle to get back into it for a time, but I'm certain that we can get through it together!! ; )


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aBurghGirl said...

We're just glad to see you back Stephanie! And no rush... we'll all be here whenever things are easier for you.