Friday, March 26, 2010

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!
The first time I remember watching hockey was when I was 5 or 6. My father and I had been watching the winter Olympics on and off all day. The only time that I would really pay attention was during the hockey games. My dad noticed this so he started talking about the Penguins who were his favorite team living in Michigan we could not go see the penguins. So, we would go to ourlocal hockey teams games every time they played. This is where I feel in love with the game!

As I got older my schedule got busy and I did not have time to go to the games. Fast forward to the draft that Crosby was in I was 16 or 17 at that time. My father had the 91' and 92' group photos up on one of our walls so during the draft I watched for the Penguins. When I saw Crosby I was amazed at how young this player looked. So I started watching them just to see how well he handled everything at such a young age. As I was watching all the old memories of watching with my dad came back. This is when I feel in love with the Penguins!

Now fast forward to two years ago. Living in Michigan I have a lot of friends that are Detroit fans. They just called me a penguins fan because of my love for crosby (I mean come on how could you not love him!) As we started talking they were shocked at how much I knew. So when it was Detroit and Penguins in the playoffs we all decided to go. This was my first NHL game to ever go to and it was the second game of the Stanly Cup finals!!! Talk about exciting. I had the best time of my life. This is where I feel in love with the Penguins players as a whole.

Now fast forward to last year. I was now a Crazy Penguins Fan. I watched everything from preseason till the very end of the season. When the Pens played the Redwings (and won 7 to 6 in OT) I was there. I would go on and read all the articles that I could on the Penguins site. I would watch all the FSN extra things they havd on the Penguins. I would tell everyone that I knew about them even random strangers sometimes! My uncle use to live in Pittsburgh so when he was going to the playoff game vs. the Hurricanes I beg him to take me and I took all my money out of savings to go see them. So we drove to Pittusburgh and went with his family to the game. Talk about amazing. Too see all of those people outside to watch a game and then too acutally sit in the area (that will soon be gone forever!) right behind the net. This was when I feel in love with the city of Pittsburgh!

From: A loyal Reader!!!!
Jamie P.
A Penguins fan FROM MICHIGAN ... that is quite interesting!!! We won't hold that against you though, Jamie!! ; ) I'd say you're definitely a fan living in Michigan and proudly claiming Pittsburgh as your team!! THANKS for the story, Jamie!!

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CrackerLilo said...

I thought living with a Wings fan and having one for a friend was kinda hard. It would have to be really, really hard to be a Pens fan in Detroit! But if the Penguins' coach can be from Michigan, why not some Pens fans?

When I first started watching hockey (actually, was first guilted into it) in the 2005-2006 season, I was amazed when I saw how very young Crosby was, and how well he handled all the pressures being placed on him.

wispensfan said...

That's awsome that you've gotten to see the Pens play in Detroit. I've always wanted to see them play in Joe Louis Arena but honestly am a little afraid to go there by myself.

aBurghGirl said...

Awesome story! I love seeing the Pens and Wings play at the JLA. Always a good time.